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Question 1

List at least five main problems faced by the people in this part of India following the tsunami. Use the text box below.


These people faced many problems and there is no definitive list. Some issues you may have identified include:

  • They felt they had not been consulted adequately, and that their voices were not being heard. Some parts of the community (the fishing communities) were being neglected and there was discrimination – with the feeling that some people were getting more help than others. Inland communities were not considered as victims although they have suffered too.
  • Their houses had been damaged or destroyed and, although they had received temporary accommodation, it did not meet their needs: it was too hot, with poor ventilation.
  • The overall environment in the temporary accommodation was poor: there was a lack of water, a lot of stagnant water, and poor sanitation, with blocked toilets without water to flush them.
  • The assessments were felt to be inadequate, not giving a clear overview of the situation, who was affected and how they were affected, and who was most in need.
  • Their livelihoods had been badly affected; they lacked the boats and fishing nets to fish; and some lost cattle and their regular source of income.

The aim of the Sphere Project is to improve the quality of assistance provided to people affected by disasters, and to enhance the accountability of the disaster system in disaster response. Sphere is based on two core beliefs: first, that all possible steps should be taken to alleviate human suffering arising out of calamity and conflict, and second, that those affected by disaster have a right to life with dignity and therefore a right to assistance.

Using the Sphere handbook appropriately will help to improve responses to disaster such as this, ensuring that the affected people are assisted in the best way possible.